Pedro Olea Retolaza created Altube Filmeak in 1985 to produce his films as a director (THE ANCINES WOODS, A HOUSE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES, WITCHES´ SABBATH, YOU´LL DIE IN CHAFARINAS, THE FENCING MASTER, ETC).

Oihana Olea got involved with Altube Filmeak as an executive producer in the year 2000. Among other projects, she has worked as an executive producer on “LOS NOVIOS BÚLGAROS”, by Eloy de la Iglesia, “THE MANAGERS”, by Fernando Guillén Cuervo and documentaries like “ELIO BERHANYER, DESIGN MASTER”, directed by Diego Galán, “FIZ, PURE MARATHON”, directed by Rodrigo Moro and “PATUCHAS, EL HOMBRE DE LOS MIL LIMONES”, DIRECTED BY Asbel Esteve. In 2014 she produced “EL RAYO” which was chosen by the San Sebastián Film Festival for the New Directors category, the Ourense Festival (Jury Prize), Lanzarote Festival, Albacete Festival (Best direction), Alicante Festival (best film and director prize, audience award), Casares Festival (best film) and the Vigo Festival (best film) among others. The film was also selected by the Dubai International Film Festival, the Gothenberg Film Festival, the Rotterdam Film Festival, Guadalajara Festival, Nantes Festival, Annency Festival, Edinburgh festival and Munich festival, among others. In 2017 she produced “MY LIFE AMONG ANTS”, a film that won the Audience Award at the Gijón Film Festival.

In 2018, she produced “ARIZMENDIARRIETA, EL HOMBRE COOPERATIVO”, script and direction by Gaizka Urresti as a co-production with ETB. Aided by the ICAA, the Basque Government and the Mondragón town hall.